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The Spirit shows up, people get together. We might call that the cliff notes version of what happened on Pentecost, and what we begin to see unfold in even deeper and more surprising ways throughout the book of Acts. The passage from Acts 2 on the cover of this month’s newsletter, one we heard together in worship just a few weeks ago, is one of the first descriptions of the newly-(trans)formed church. The Spirit shows up, people get together--in this instance, sharing possessions and money and food, and “eating with glad and generous hearts.”

Stories like these in Acts remind us--as people who believe that the Spirit still shows up in our midst today--that we too are called to “get together.” To share our material stuff so that all have enough (abundance, in fact!). To give and to receive. To break bread, and eat with glad and generous hearts. 

As we enter into the Pentecost season, we are going to be breaking bread together throughout the season. Summer community meals--shared with the COG community, 5929 community, friends, and neighbors (feel free to invite folks!)--are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month.Please join as we are formed and transformed at these tables, and as we witness the ways that the Spirit shows up in our midst and calls us into a deeper kind of togetherness. Looking forward to seeing you there! 



The 5929 community, friends, and neighbors are invited to a community meal on the last Wednesday of the month throughout the summer. This month’s meal, scheduled for Aug 30th, will be a potluck. Bring a dish that represents “comfort food” to you, and come ready to try each other’s dishes! We’ll plan to gather in the courtyard, weather permitting. Kids are warmly welcome.