Cross of Glory Lutheran Church   ELCA
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Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
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Welcoming all people to become 
devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


We understand and appreciate the differences we all have regarding what we feel is a "comfortable worship experience".  In our hope of providing you with an environment where you will feel at ease, secure, and able to worship in a manner that fits you, we offer a variety of worship styles.  Your worship choices include a Traditional, liturgy-based service and Crosswalk, a casual yet intimate service featuring contemporary and global music. Follow the links to learn more about each worship format.  Remember, you are welcome here ... at any and all of our worship services!

Traditional: Sundays at 9:00 AM
Crosswalk: Sundays at 11:00 AM

Concerning Holy Communion ...

We practice an open table where all are welcome and invited to share in the gift of God's grace and mercy. Lutherans call the elements the means of grace, for through the eating and drinking we receive nothing less than the absolute presence of Jesus Christ. And we become what we eat, little Christs.
We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion on alternating Sundays each month and on special days throughout the year. Ushers will invite you to come forward by way of the center aisle to receive the sacraments and you may return to your seat by an outer aisle.  If you wish to receive Communion but are unable to come forward, please let the usher know as your row is called; the servers will come to where you are seated to serve you.
Gluten-free wafers are available upon request from the server.  When Communion is received at the rail, you will first be offered the bread (the wafer or "host") to eat and then an individual cup of wine to drink. Grape juice is available in purple cups in the center ring of the distribution tray. When Communion is received by intinction, the silver chalice contains wine and the glass chalice contains grape juice. Intinction simply means "to dip into": receive the bread offered by the server, dip it into either the wine or grape juice chalice and then eat.

Children who have not received Communion instruction are welcome to come forward for a blessing.