Cross of Glory Lutheran Church   ELCA
5929 Brooklyn Boulevard                     Phone: 763-533-8602
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
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Welcoming all people to become 
devoted followers of Jesus Christ.



Our Traditional worship service, with a liturgy that is rich in tradition and history, will be familiar to long-time Lutherans. We use the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW or cranberry hymnal).  Our Senior Choir is a key feature of this worship service, as is the wonderful pipe organ accompaniment.

Our laity, or congregational members, have important roles in this service as well.. There are opportunities to assist in the worship service by ushering, performing special musical selections, reading the Bible lessons from the Old and New Testaments, and assisting with the distribution of Holy Communion. In addition to these opportunities, Confirmation youth serve as acolytes, or altar assistants.

You will find this service to be a reverent and peaceful way to worship and praise God with other believers by singing familiar hymns, sharing prayers, hearing anthems and psalms sung by the choir, and listening to scripture readings and a thought-provoking sermon.
What people are saying ...

"I like both the Traditional and Crosswalk services.  I feel I get a little bit more 'Lutheranism' out of the Traditional service.   I actually prefer the "blended" style of our new 9:30 summer service.  For me this is the best of both worlds since I get to enjoy both styles of music.  I am looking forward to our new hymnals that will include both types of music."  ~ Linda

"I have been going to church since I was little ... that's 80+ years.  I'm just more comfortable with the traditional worship style." ~ Richard

"I grew up going to a Catholic church.  For various reasons, in my early 30's I became a Lutheran. I needed to belong to a church family and Cross of Glory was very accepting of me. I love all the traditional songs we sing and attending the traditional service just brings back good memories for me." ~ Georgie