Cross of Glory Lutheran Church   ELCA
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Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
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Welcoming all people to become 
devoted followers of Jesus Christ.



Crosswalk is a contemporary worship experience that will touch your soul, energize your spiritual journey, and help you connect with God. We gather for worship to sing uplifting songs with our Praise Band, hear a meaningful Bible-based message from one of our ministry staff, and lift each other and the world around us up in prayer.  Crosswalk worship participants represent people from all walks of life, many cultures, and all age groups. The music is fun and energetic and is a key component of the comfortable, casual flavor of the service. 

Crosswalk offers you ...

   An exciting place to connect with God:

             Crosswalk uses contemporary worship music and visual arts 

             as a basis to share relevant messages, and provides time 

             for meditation and reflection.

   A safe place to process your spiritual journey:

             Crosswalk seeks to replace judgement, prejudice, criticism, 

             and intolerance with acceptance, compassionate justice, and 

             self-sacrificing love.

   A gathering that focuses on relationship more than religion:

             Christianity is more than the doctrines we believe or the religious 

             rites we observe. The heart of Christianity is a relationship

             with God that must developed, cultivated, and celebrated 

             so we can then allow it to transform our lives.

   A fellowship that celebrates the mystery of God:

             Faith in God is something we can't fully explain and there are 

             not always black and white, easy answers. It is a mystery we seek

              to understand through the Holy Scriptures, acts of worship, 

             prayer, music, experience, experiment, and community.

   A community of ordinary people who are involved in an extraordinary process:

             As a community of believers, we are seeking to be authentic 
             in our struggle to apply our faith to daily living. We desire to be
             connected to God, transformed by His love, and empowered 
             to make a difference in our world.

Crosswalk ...Worship that stirs your heart. Moves your feet. Helps you express your faith.