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Welcoming all people to become 
devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


"Church" isn't a building ... it's people.  We gather together to worship and in fellowship.  We connect with people to love, encourage, and serve one another.   We participate in activities that help us build relationships, learn about God and grow in our faith.  We are the body of Christ and each of us has a special part and place in this life.  We all have gifts and talents to share that will further God's kingdom.


Contact the church office for more information about our team and league participation!



In order to be more inclusive, the Cross of Glory Men's Golf League will now be simply the Cross of Glory Golf League. Teams can be two women, two men, or a man and a woman: spouses, parent and son or daughter, anyone and a niece or nephew, or friends. If you do not have a golf partner we will make every attempt to find you one.  Ability does not matter as all scores are handicapped to make things more equal for everyone. It is a fun night of Christian Fellowship. We golf at Pheasant Acres in Corcoran on Thursday nights with tee times starting at 4:30. We alternate each week between the back nine and the front and play 9 holes each week. Tee times are assigned and vary from week to week. 

This page is a work in progress as we add information about ways  to Connect and Participate at COG.  Check back frequently to see what's happening and get connected with others in an area where you have a special talent or skill to contribute or if you just want to participate in something new and interesting to you!  YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

Strategic Planning Teams (SPTs), Quilters, Funeral Committee, W/ELCA Circles, Youth / Back Door, Couples, Families, Seniors / 50+ and Friends, Glory Maids, Faithfully Fit, Cancer Survivors Group, Softball League, Golf League, Prayer Chain,
Sunday Morning Greeters, Worship Assistants, Lay Lectors,  Acolytes, Communion Assistants, Ushers, Choir, , Special Music Performance, Coffee Servers,  Project / Event Volunteers, Nursery Volunteers, Landscape / Flower Garden, Office Help, and more!


Council members / Committee Chairpersons are elected by written ballot at the annual meeting and serve for two years or until their successors are elected.  Members are eligible to serve no more than two full terms consecutively, and terms begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they're elected.

Committee Chairpersons attend a monthly Congregational Council meeting.  They recruit their committee's members and meet as needed to carry out the responsibilities of the committee and to achieve the goals established by the committee.  Contact any current Committee Chairperson to become actively involved in the  work of that group.  A list of current Committee Chairpersons can be found here.  You may choose to become a member of the committee or simply volunteer to assist with one of their projects or in one specific area within their scope of responsibilities. 

Cross of Glory's Council Committees are:

BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE:  Responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of the congregations' buildings, lawn and landscaping, parking areas, storage, and recycling and trash removal.  Advises other Committees regarding projects that could affect the structural integrity of church property.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  Responsible for the educational programs of the church including Sunday School, confirmation, Vacation Bible School (VBS), and any other educational programs.  Encourages the use of material published and approved by the ELCA and daily devotional books for congregational members' home use.

FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE:  Responsible for adult and family social, recreational, athletic, and relational activities, including family events, picnics, retreats, Sunday coffee hour, banquets, receptions, and similar activities.

:  Oversees all financial affairs of the congregation, prepares and submits the annual budget, and  provides for the audit of the records of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary.  It is responsible for the receipt, safeguarding and expenditure of funds; purchasing and accounting procedures; payroll and financial records; legal matters; securing adequate insurance coverage; and pays particular attention to the prompt payment of all financial obligations.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  Responsible for developing and implementing a sound program for Christian outreach both at home and abroad including visiting prospective members, orientation and reception of new members, and educating and challenging members about the global mission of the ELCA.

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE:  Prepares and updates the Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual and the Job Description Manual, ensures that there is on-going evaluation of staff performance and needs, reviews staff salaries annually in conjunction with the Finance Committee and makes necessary recommendations, and provides assistance as needed regarding recruitment and hiring of staff.

SENIORS MINISTRY:  Coordinates the spiritual, social, safety, and health needs of senior members and actively assists all seniors in participating in the congregation.

:  Responsible for educating and challenging the congregation towards involvement in and concern for both local and global issues including justice, human rights, racism, peace, hunger,  and other issues.

:  Responsible for an on-going year-around program of stewardship education and commitment, conducting the congregation's annual program for fundraising, educating the congregation about the global ministry of the ELCA, and encouraging the congregation's members to be responsible stewards of all creation.

WOMEN of the ELCA:  This community of women commits to growing in faith, affirming their gifts, supporting one another, engaging in ministry and action, and promoting healing and wholeness in the church, society, and the world.

:  Coordinates the congregation's worship services to ensure that they are conducted in accord with the practices of the ELCA; prepares for the administration of the sacraments; and is responsible for the care of musical instruments, administration of the choirs, selection of music, placement of works of art, and ushering.

:  Responsible for all programming of youth ministry and actively assists and encourages youth in their faith development and active participation in the life of the congregation.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Pastor, and conducts the business of the congregation between Council meetings, reviews the agenda for and makes recommendations to Council; acts as the steering committee for the Council.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Consists of seven voting members of the congregation with two of them being outgoing members of Council, if possible, and is elected at the Annual Meeting for a term of one year.

:  Consists of three lay delegates elected by the congregation at the annual meeting.  Delegates attend the Synod Assembly with church staff.